Single-Ring Alloy Chainring Bolts
CHAINRING Origin Eight 110mm 36T BK/SL
Gusset Slink Chain, 1/8 or 3/32 (Colors)
Special Edition Worksman Pirate Bike
#420 Motorcycle Chain 120 link
1003 - GTC TC2 Torque Converter 12T 1" Bore
1004 - GTC TC2 Torque Converter 10T 1" bore
200mm Disk Brakes
24-26" Disk Wheels n Rims
24-26" Tires
30 and 40 Series Torque converter shrouds
36 Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
4" SS Socket Head Cap Screws (Course Thread)
40 Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
415 HD Motorcycle Chain (122 Link)
44 Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
48Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
56 Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
62 Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
66 Tooth Pirate Sprocket for the manic Mechanic Hub Adapter
66/80cc Boost Bottle Kit (All Colors)
70's Worksman Trike w 33CC Subaru (Sold)
80cc Piston Ring Set
ACS Crossfire Freewheel 3/32" x 13T - Gun Metal
ACS Crossfire freewheel, 3/32" x 14t - gun metal
ACS FatClaws freewheel, 1/8" x 14t - blk/gld
Answer DH -One stem, (31.8) 50/55mm - white
Answer DH direct mount stem, (31.8) 45/50/55mm - gold
Answer DH direct mount stem, (31.8) 45/50/55mm - red
Answer DH-One stem, (31.8) 50/55mm - black
B7S (High Comp Head)
B8S (High Comp Head)
Cane Creek Double Barrel coil shock, 9.5" x 3.0" (240/76mm)
Cane Creek Double Barrel CS Air shock, 9.5"x 3.0" (240/76mm)
Cane Creek Double Barrel XV Air shock, 9.5" x 3.0" (240/76mm)
Cane Creek Shock mount hardware
Cane Creek Steel coil spring, 3.0" x 550#
CB-110 Adapter
CHAINRING Origin Eight 110mm 34T BK/SL
Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand
Cranks -N- Chainrings -N- Things
CRG 2in. Diameter Blindsight Mirror
Dellorto 5mm Jet packs (5 packs)
Deluxe Springer Replica 1" (Threaded)
Deluxe Springer Replica 1.1/8" (Threadless)
DH Riser Bars
Direct Mount Stems
DNM Burner-RCP 2 Rear Shock
DT-Swiss Competition spoke, blk DB14g-box/72 232mm
Engine Mount Platform, 2-7hp engines
Exhaust Braket for Technigas Pipe to A-55
Felt Bultaco (Sold)
Felt Bultaco Pursang
Felt Elguappo
Freewheel Adapter
Freewheel Sprockets
Front Forks
FSA BIG FAT PIG 1.5R w Reducer Complete
FSA Headtube reducer shims, 1.5" to 1-1/8" pair
FSA Orbit MX headset, EC34/28.6|EC34/30
FSA Pig DH-Pro headset, EC34/28.6|EC34/30 black
GTC Industries Torque Converters, Mini Bikes, and Jackshafts
Gusset Badger SS-Pro chain, 1/8 or 3/32" - white/black
Gusset Bling Slink chain, 1/8 or 3/32" - gold
Gusset Slink Half Link, 1/8 or 3/32" - chrome
Halo 14g alloy nipple, 12mm - black (bag/50)
Halo SAS 26" disc front wheel, 36h - black
Halo SAS 24" disc rim, 36h - black
Hex Head BB Axle Bolt
HMB 123 Universal front mount.
House Bikes
Image Gallery
JNM Damp-Pro
Karate Chop
Kenda Nevegal-DH W tire, 24 x 2.5" Stick-E
Kenda Nevegal-DH W tire, 26 x 2.5" Stick-E
Kick Stands
KMC #41-R Chain 10Ft
KMC Dr. Rider Hyper LED Bike Headlight
KMC Industrial 415 Chain (110 Link)
LINK 415 Chain 1/2 link
Locking Lever Set
Loctite® QuickTape™ 249™ Medium Strength Threadlocker Free Shipping
Low Profile-Air Filter Red, or Blue
Manitou Dorado Expert Alloy TA-D 26" fork, 203/180mm - blk
Manitou Dorado Pro Alloy TA-D 26" fork, 203/180mm black
Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO V2 Coil 26" Fork
Marzocchi 888-CR straight 20-D 26" fork, coil 200mm - black
Marzocchi Moto C2R Rear Shock W/Progression Booster
Masterlock Cuff Lock Belt Holster
Masterlock Street Cuff "9 Link" (Free Shipping)
Masterlock Street Cuff (Free Shipping)
Masterlock Street Cuff Bracket
Maxxis Highroller-DH W tire, 24 x 2.5"
Maxxis Highroller-DH W tire, 26 x 2.5" 
Maxxis Hookworm W tire, 24 x 2.5" (Imported)
Maxxis Hookworm W tire, 26 x 2.5"
Micargi Tahiti 4G4
Modus Adapter
Motoped 125cc Assembled (Ready to Ride)
Motoped Cruzer 48cc 2 speed Auto
Motoped Rear Running Lights Made by Sunlite
Motoped/Lifan 48cc 2 speed auto
Motopeds and DH Parts
Motordrone Franco Morini
MSD Racing Spark Plug Wires (5 New Colors)
MTN Stem
New Pirate Cycles Shirts Long and Short Sleeve (Sm, Med, Lg, XXl, XXXl)
New This Week
Nexus 3 Speed Adapter
NGK B6S (High Comp Head)
NGK B7S or B8S Replacement plug for high Comp Head
Nitrous Kits (In Stock)
No Name
NOS Bike Airplane (In Stock)
NOS KItty Cat License Plate lookers
Nos refills 5 16g Shots
OCC Adapter
Origin 8 Alloy Crank Arm Set
Performance Motor Bicycle Parts
Pirate Cycle 1:10 scale Bike
Pirate Cycle Custom Happy Pipe (Coming Soon)
Pirate Cycles Aftermarket Parts
Pirate Cycles Clutch Cover Stickers (Now Available)
Pirate Cycles Kip Springer Chain Tensioners (Free Shipping)
Pirate Cycles Performance Cylinder Head (Angle Fire)
Pirate Cycles Performance Intake (Pre-Tapped)
Pirate Cycles Performance Intakes (Free Shipping)
Pirate Cycles Showroom Album (Live)
Pirate Cycles Universal Hub
Pirate Excelsior Worksman Cycle
Plugs and Wires
RACING CDI REV BOX MOTOPED 50, 70,90,110,125cc
Rear Racks
Rear Shox
Renthal Duo stem, (31.8) 40mm - black/gold
Renthal Integra stem, (31.8) 45/50mm - black/gold
Roadmaster 4 stroke with custom tank and custom pipe (Sold)
Rock Shox BoXXer R2C2 Coil 26" Fork (White)
Rock Shox BoXXer-RC Coil DTC 20-D 26" fork (Black)
Rock Shox BoXXer-WC SoloAir 26" fork, 200mm - white (Limited Stock)
Rock Shox Domain-RC Dual-Crown Coil 20-D 26" fork, 200mm (Black)
Rock Shox Kage RC Coil Shock
Rock Shox Vivid R2C (med tune) air shock*, 3.0x9.5"
Rock Shox Vivid R2C (med tune) coil shock*, 3.0x9.5"
RPM Kickstand for Motoped
Schwalbe Fat Franks (Brown or Cream)
Sportcar Worksman
Sportsman Pat "Morini Flyer"
Springer front ends
Sun 4 Stroke 4G4
Sun Deluxe w 33CC Subaru
Sunlite Alloy Bike Rack "Woody"
Sunlite Boarder Bike Rack (Black)
Sunlite Boarder Bike Rack (Silver)
Sunlite Chrome Springer "Exellent Quality"
Sunlite Dual Pull Brake Lever
Tahiti 4 stroke 4G4
The Johnny Bing
Threadlocker Tape, 260 In Roll, Blue
Trikes and more Trikes
Truvativ Holzfeller DM stem, (31.8) 0d x 50mm - black
Truvativ Holzfeller DM stem, (31.8) 0d x 60mm - black
Upgraded Air Filter (In Stock)
Urban Assault
Vintage Plug Wire with NGK Boot
Wheelstand Matty
Wheelstand Matty's Antique Lowrider Dessoto Trike
Wiley X Airage
Wiley X Blink
Wiley X Brick
Wiley X Jake
Wiley X Jake
Wiley X Motorcycle Eyewear Sale
Wiley X Rout
Wiley X Slik
Wiley X XL-1 Advanced
Wiring Harness Pit Bike 110cc 125cc Lifan Motoped
Worksman 123 Rear Motor Mount
Worksman PAV3 trike w Honda 50 (Under Seat)
Worksman PAV3 With 2 speed Honda and Statton Drive
Worksman Road Warrior
Worksman Trike
X-Fusion RV1 HLR COIL 26"/27.5"(650b) Fork (Coming Soon)

Pirate Cycles

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