The Massload Double Kickstand

The Massload  Double  Kickstand
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The Massload  Double  Kickstand
Porteur Double Kickstand

These stands are awesome.. they are fully adjustable by hand and strong as can be.. In my opinion they are the best seen to date..

If you ride a heavily loaded bike a double leg kickstand is almost essential. The Porteur kickstands are designed for delivery bikes, city bikes, touring bikes, and the like. A neat feature is that the two legs spread as the kickstand is deployed and close as it's raised. This makes for a very stable stand that does not interfere with pedaling. The leg extensions, which look like rubber boots, can be adjusted by twisting and pulling or pushing, so the legs are the perfect length without cutting. You can lock them to whatever length you set with an allen wrench. There are also adjustments to perfectly align the stand when it's raised.

A top plate and two mounting bolts are included, so they fit most bikes with, or without, kickstand plates

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