66/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit (Silver PK-80)

66/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit (Silver PK-80)
Item# PK80SLV
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Product Description

OHH Snaps the PK-80 lives on my people... White Sticker, Extended Clutch arm, upgraded hardware, and a large frame U bolt adapter. these are 2009's.

8mm head bolts and comes w 415 chain. The way things used to be.

68.5/80cc needle bearing 2 cycle EPA certified engine (Silver)

44 tooth flat sprocket with mounting hardware

Black exhaust muffler with Cat. converter


push button lock alloy clutch lever

heavy duty chain (#415/#50)

adjuster short bearing chain idler

carburetor assembly

CD ignition assembly

update kill switch ( on throttle) unit with stop bottom (to blue wire)

chain guard

spark plug with tool

2 L black gas tank with mounting brackets

other needed mounting and hardware

Bigger frame adapter ( U clamp for extra big frame, no need drill the hole)

muffler hanger

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